Gas precautions for renovation of old houses

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The gas pipeline setting of the new house is relatively reasonable, and the movement will not be too large. If it is an old house, the changes are often relatively large. What should we pay attention to when the gas pipe is renovated in the old house

1. The gas pipeline should be laid along the wall of non combustible materials. When it meets other pipelines, it should meet the following requirements: when laid horizontally in parallel, the clear distance should not be less than 150mm; When laying vertically in parallel, the clear distance should not be less than 100mm, and should be located outside other pipelines; In case of cross laying, the clear distance should not be less than 50mm

2. Due to special circumstances, when the indoor gas pipeline must pass through the bathroom, toilet, hanging flat roof (vertically) and living room, the pipeline should have no interface

3. The indoor gas pipe should not pass under the water bucket. When crossing is necessary, casing shall be added. The diameter of the casing shall be two gears larger than that of the gas pipe. There shall be no interface between the gas pipe and the casing. Both ends of the casing shall extend 20mm beyond the side of the water bucket

4. After the installation of the gas pipeline, a tightness test should be carried out. The test pressure is 300mm water column, and it is qualified if the pressure does not drop within 3 minutes

5. The gas appliance, electricity meter and electrical equipment shall be set in dislocation, and the horizontal clear distance shall not be less than 500mm. When dislocation is impossible, thermal insulation measures shall be taken

6. When the wall of the place where the gas appliance is set is made of wood or other inflammable materials, fire prevention measures must be taken

7. The distance between the side of all kinds of gas appliances and the wall, water bucket, door frame, etc. and the distance between gas appliances and gas appliances shall not be less than 200mm. When two gas appliances or one gas appliance and water bucket are arranged at right angles, the sum of the entry and departure from the wall on both sides shall not be less than 1.2m





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