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Faucet is a popular name for water valve, which is used to control the size of the water flow switch and has the effect of saving water. The updating speed of faucets is very fast, from the old cast iron process to the electroplating knob type, and then to the stainless steel single temperature single control faucet, stainless steel double temperature double control faucet, and kitchen semi-automatic faucet

faucet is essential in our life. Especially in our kitchen and bathroom. What about the decoration of kitchen and bathroom faucets? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you. Let's watch and learn together

first of all, let's take a look at the four development trends of kitchen and bathroom faucets

1. Classification is becoming increasingly refined

some people say: Division of labor means progress, and faucets are no exception. At present, faucets can be roughly divided into two categories: one is faucet for toilet, and the other is faucet for kitchen. Toilet faucets can be divided into basin faucets, bathtub faucets and body purifier faucets. In each category, it can be divided into many sub categories according to function, style, material and color. In the past, the faucet was very simple. No matter in the kitchen or bathroom, only the traditional cast iron faucet was used above the pool; The shower faucets used in homes and bathhouses are also “ Go out of the same door ”. This “ One thing for multiple purposes ” I'm afraid this phenomenon will “ Gone forever ” Yes

2. Mixing faucets are popular

the so-called “ Mixing tap ”, It refers to a tap that can mix cold and hot water together and adjust the water temperature. At present, many families have installed water heaters, and a few families have 24-hour hot water supplied by the property. In daily cooking and cleansing, we also have “ Come at once ” Hot water supply. Therefore, it can mix cold and hot water into warm water “ Mixing tap ”, It has been favored by many consumers

3. The function is gradually improved

in order to meet the different needs of consumers, at present, the faucet also has many functions: for example, the shower faucet used in the toilet has many functions, such as massage function, making the water flow with bubbles, or changing the water outlet mode, and the unique faucet core design, not only wear-resistant, no dripping and leakage, but also has the function of automatically balancing the flow of cold and hot water and constant water temperature

4. There are various styles

in family decoration, no one wants to reflect their own personality like others. Therefore, the style of decoration and layout is very important. In order to match these styles, there are many kinds and styles of faucets. For example, the classical faucet with gold and silver as the main color and complicated decoration can be matched with the decoration of classical style; The modern style with matte color and avant-garde shape is used in the space of modern style; There are also milky white faucets with smooth lines, which can be applied to almost any light colored room

well, after understanding the four development trends of kitchen and bathroom faucets, let's take a look at the decoration methods of kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets

II. Decoration method of kitchen faucet

1. The device of Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

because the kitchen faucet is used frequently, it is required to be stable. In addition, it is easy to loosen when being moved around, so the locknut must be tightened. At present, there are some faucets in the market to increase the nut fixation for the screw pipe, which has a good stabilizing effect. If the problem of water removal and lifting can be solved, it will be a popular trend in the future

as long as the single cold one installed on the stainless steel basin is fixed and connected with two 4-point hoses, one end is connected to the angle valve and the other end is connected under the faucet, the cold and hot are similar, but there is one more water inlet

there are several types of faucets: single cooling and hot and cold mixing. The single cooling is very simple. It is directly installed on the water pipe head on the wall. If it is a mixture of cold and hot, you should distinguish the cold and hot of the water pipe on the wall, which is generally hot on the left and cold on the right

it is quite exquisite to install the faucet now. For example, if you want to consider children cooking at home, the faucet should be installed lower. Lest the water flow down the sleeves of the clothes and wet them

2. Installation of thermostatic faucet

before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check whether the water pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right. Remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipes incorrectly, so as to prevent the faucet from working normally. Thermostatic faucets cannot be used for gas and solar water heaters because the water pressure is too low. Please don't forget to install the cold and hot water filter screen when installing the thermostatic faucet

3. The installation of Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

requires stability, because the kitchen faucet is used frequently, and it is easy to loosen when being moved around, so the lock nut must be tightened. At present, there are some faucets in the market to increase the nut fixation for the screw pipe, which has a good stabilizing effect. If the problem of water removal and lifting can be solved, it will be a popular trend in the future. Prepare installation tools and check whether the supporting parts are complete before installation. Common tap parts include: hose, rubber washer, shower, water removal, crutches, decorative caps, etc

4. Preparation of accessories

① a full set of fixing bolts, fixing copper sheets and gaskets

② a full set of basin lifting and drawing water remover

③ two water inlet pipes. Then take out the faucet, pull the handle up and down, left and right, and feel light and free to open and close, with a slight uniform and soft blocking feeling. Then it is necessary to check whether the electroplated surface is bright, free of bubbles, spots and scratches

III. toilet faucet decoration method

1. If your home has only one bathroom, you should buy the following leading products: 1 basin faucet; 1 bathtub faucet (or shower faucet); 1 kitchen faucet; Shower Kit: 1 set; Four corner valves (two kitchen faucets and two basin faucets respectively). Please note when purchasing a shower: if you buy a kit, you don't need to buy any other products. If you buy a shower only, you need to buy a hose, a lifting rod or a retainer

2. If your home has two bathrooms, one of which uses a bathtub and the other uses a shower room, you need to buy the following leading products: two basin faucets (one for each bathroom); 1 bathtub faucet; 1 shower faucet; 1 kitchen faucet; 2 sets of sprinkler rod kits; There are 6 corner valves (2× 2 + 2 Kitchen Faucets =6). If you buy a concealed bathtub faucet, in addition to the above items, each faucet should be equipped with a water outlet

3. Don't forget to count the spare parts after buying the faucet, otherwise it's troublesome to take it back and install it. Generally, the accessories of basin faucet mainly include water remover, lifting rod, faucet fixing bolt, fixed copper sheet and gasket; The bathtub faucet also has standard accessories such as shower, two water inlet hoses, brackets, etc. The water mixing faucets produced by regular enterprises have installation dimension drawings and operation instructions when leaving the factory. Attention should be paid to the selection

4. Experienced and qualified professionals should be invited for construction and installation, especially for imported high-end products, which have many small gaskets and small accessories. They must be installed step by step according to the drawings to ensure that there will be no water leakage and other problems

5. When installing a faucet in the decoration of a new house, it is best to flush the pipe with water first, and confirm that there are no impurities such as sand and gravel in the pipe, so as to avoid blocking and affecting the water outlet

6. Do not use acid-base solvents when scrubbing the faucet. After using the tap for a period of time, if the water output is found to be reduced, you can use a wrench to screw the water nozzle filter screen, and then carefully install it after cleaning the impurities

little editor conclusion: This is the introduction about the decoration of kitchen and bathroom faucets and the development trend of kitchen and bathroom faucets. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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