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Ningbo Yinbo caiyuandi, who won the FA Cup for the first time, went to Wuhan yesterday to play against Wuhan Dongfeng Honda team, defeated the opponent 6-5, brought the home court back to Ningbo, and rewritten the history of Ningbo football! The next game will be against the Shenzhen team coached by Li Yi

Ningbo Yinbo caiyuandi football club has rewritten the history of Ningbo football once again

the first round of the FA Cup officially kicked off yesterday. Ningbo Yinbo Cai Yuandi, an amateur team in Ningbo that entered the FA Cup for the first time, went to Wuhan business school to challenge Wuhan Dongfeng Honda away. Under the single elimination competition system, Yinbo caiyuandi drew 0-0 with his opponent in 90 minutes. In the subsequent penalty shootout, Yinbo caiyuandi defeated his opponent 6-5. Zhuo Xudong, the leader of Yinbo caiyuandi, was very excited: "we must bring the home court back to Ningbo, and we did it!"

this is the first local football team in Ningbo football history to compete in the FA Cup in their hometown!!! On April 15, the Shenzhen team, which was once a Chinese Super League team and is now relegated to China first team, was coached by Emperor Li Yi

Li Yi once played for the locomotive team. At that time, Ningbo happened to be Li Yi's home. I don't know that Li Yi returned to Ningbo as a coach to face the Ningbo team this time. I don't know how I feel

it is hoped that Yinbo caiyuandi can dedicate a world shaking game to the majority of Ningbo fans

see you at Fubang Stadium on April 15

[venue]: Ningbo Fubang stadium

[time of match]: April 15

[ticket]: 30RMB free Yinbo Jersey

[ticket hotline]: 13306638520 more

the person in charge of Yinbo revealed that the ticket revenue of this game will support Ningbo campus football

rewrite history. After reaching the second round of the FA Cup at home against the "great emperor" team in the next round, Yinbo caiyuandi will return to Ningbo Fubang stadium to face the Chinese League a professional team Shenzhen Yuheng (formerly Shenzhen Red Diamond). The head coach of the team is "great emperor" Li Yi. "Whether we win or lose in the next game, we must strive to play Ningbo football at home." Leader Zhuo Xudong said. After Yinbo caiyuandi won the first round, Jin Zhiyang made a special call to congratulate him and said that he would come to Ningbo in the middle of next month to cheer for Yinbo on the spot

Yu Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary General of Ningbo Football Association, who was caught in the rain all afternoon yesterday and watched the whole game, kept calling after the game, "through the efforts of several generations of Ningbo football people, we have finally rewritten the history of Ningbo football!"

in order to go further in the FA Cup, Yinbo caiyuandi also invited Cao Weichao, a leading figure in Ningbo football industry, as the team consultant, "there are 11 starters, and the experience of professional teams has been added up for more than 150 years, including those who have played for Shenhua, Luneng, Guoan, and the national team." Cao Weichao, who came to the scene to guide, said, "it's really not easy for the boys. I'm happy for them!"




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