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Safety technical measures for local expansion and repair of air intake concealed inclined shaft I. overview:

the roadway about 15 meters below the triangle wall of air intake concealed inclined shaft is severely deformed by pressure, and the end face is reduced less than 80% of the original design, which can no longer meet the needs of safety production. According to the mine arrangement, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and transportation, it is now decided to open three teams to expand and repair the lot. In order to ensure the construction safety, this construction measure is specially prepared:

II. Location and scope of expansion:

about 70m down the triangular wall of the air intake concealed inclined shaft, where the roadway is seriously deformed and needs to be expanded

III. roadway section and support form:

1. The expansion is supported by 4.25m36u arch support. After the expansion, the net lower width is 4.20-4.30 meters, the net height above the pavement is 3.10 meters, the column socket depth is 150mm, and the support shed is 0.5 meters away. Precautions: the shed is connected with the shed by metal pull plate. The column socket must be planted to the solid bottom, and the beam opening must be tightly closed without wind. Temporary support method: two steel pipes shall be threaded in front of the 36U shed, and the top and back shall be tight; When the top wall is broken, the temporary support is advanced support by wedging method

2. The back shed adopts 0.8mx8m metal rhombic and Jingba back shed, which is carried to the field. Connect one buckle every 0.2m, overlap 0.1M with each other, overlap both sides, connect neatly and tightly with connecting wire, and arrange according to "three flowers"

3. Every 2 back timbers form a group, every 0.4m back a group of back timbers, with strict back and solid back. The sheds are connected with metal connecting plates, and the screws are tightened

4. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the line hanging by the production geological survey department. Slope - 12.5 degrees

IV. safety technical measures:

1. Mining and beneficiation projects with an annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons must be constructed for each shift construction, which must be commanded by the shift leader on site, and be fully responsible for the safety and project quality of the shift

2. Before the construction of each shift, after taking over the shift, before and after blasting, and before workers enter the construction site, the shift leader and the shift leader shall strictly check the support, top, side and whether there are exposed old anchor bolts from the outside to the inside, and strictly implement the system of knocking on the top and the system of specially assigned person to supervise the top. The team leader shall arrange two experienced old workers who use servo system and ball screw to support the work. One person uses a long handle tool to knock on the side and top to deal with the live gangue, and the other person monitors the top plate full-time. If any hidden danger is found, it shall be handled in time. It can be carried out only after there is no hidden danger. Operators must operate in a safe place under permanent support, and ensure that the exit road is unblocked. Overhead operation is strictly prohibited

3. When removing the original arch tire, the shift leader and the team leader must arrange experienced old workers to take care of the top plate to prevent accidents. At most one tire can be removed at a time. In addition, the old tire adoption point in front of the construction site must be temporarily reinforced because such products are annual inspection product poles, threading poles or lifting sheds. When the roof is broken, the top wall must be controlled by the wedge striking method. When removing the arch tire, no one is allowed within 20 meters below, otherwise the work is strictly prohibited

4. Scaffolding shall be carried out in strict accordance with the middle waist line hung by the geological survey department. The shed shall be erected facing the mountain. The angle of facing the mountain shall not be greater than 2 degrees. It is not allowed to grind with running water. It is allowed to lean forward and step backward

5. The empty roof shall not be greater than 0.4m, and it shall be tightly backed up with semi logs, old track logs, etc. it is strictly prohibited to operate on the empty roof

6. Sufficient semi round logs, iron anchor rods, old water guns, pit logs, etc. shall be prepared near 20m above the construction point, so that when the roof is broken, it can be punctured and wedged for support (when the roof is controlled by wedging method, it must be densely arranged to ensure safety and effectiveness)

7. A full-time signalman must be arranged for the slag loading tramcar to operate in strict accordance with the signal. There must be a complete and effective anti sliding device within 20 meters above and below the construction point, and the "cross" shaped support must be made with a log during the stoppage of the tramcar

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