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Technical safety measures for installation of tower internals

when working in a confined space, there will be many unsafe factors. Check whether the joints of the oil circuit system are tightened, such as suffocation, falling from height, high temperature heatstroke, etc. in order to ensure the safety of the operators, necessary safety measures must be taken, mainly including the following aspects:

a. after the installation of the auxiliary ladder platform on the tower is completed, the installation of tower internals has been highly praised by the customer. During the installation, It shall be carried out from bottom to top in sections. When installing the bottom tray of each section, safety measures shall be taken to ensure that the concept remains unchanged and personal safety is ensured. When filling the tower, the lifting tools must be safe and reliable, and the operators must be in a safe position

b. people shall wear clean rubber soled shoes when working in the tower, and shall not add their weight to the tower plate, but shall stand on the beam or wood; Protective measures shall be taken for the sealing surface of manhole and manhole cover and the pipe orifice at the tower bottom to avoid damage and blockage; Handling and installation in and out shall be handled with care to prevent collision, dirt and deformation damage. After the construction of each layer of tray, it must be checked whether there are tools left in the tower. The installation of internals shall be carried out after the tower pressure test is qualified and cleaned

c. before entering the tower, the operator must conduct oxygen test and keep the work card in the data bag near the manhole

d. when installing tower internals, it is hot in midsummer, so heatstroke prevention and cooling must be done well. Ventilation measures shall be taken when personnel are working in the tower. If necessary, fans shall be installed at the upper and lower manholes to strengthen air convection

e. the operation time shall avoid the high-temperature operation time around noon, and reasonably arrange the working time of operators in the tower when the temperature is high: the working time in the morning is 6:00~9:00; 9: 00~11:00 the operators clean the internals required for the next step outside the tower; Arrange to clean the internals from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m; 4: 00~7:00 work in the tower. Operators are required to go out of the tower every 1 hour to rest and breathe fresh air

f. a full-time safety officer shall be reserved outside the tower when the operators work inside the tower. The safety officer is responsible for formulating the site safety technical regulations and the site equipment safety operation regulations. Ensure the safety of operators in the tower and prevent them from fainting due to heat stroke

g also wastes measurement time The operators inside the tower must keep in touch with the full-time safety officer outside the tower and be equipped with walkie talkies

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