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Safety technical measures for electric fire welding in coal mines

1. Electric welding personnel must pass the professional training and examination and work with certificates

2. Electric welding operators must have certain fire safety knowledge and be skilled in using fire-fighting equipment

3. During the operation, the shift leader must conduct unified command on the site, implement the measures in place on the site, and designate a special person to inspect and supervise on the site, and timely report the problems found. Apply for one PCT patent

4. The transportation of welding, cutting and other equipment shall comply with relevant transportation safety regulations. Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall not be loaded and unloaded on or off the same vehicle as grease, inflammables and explosives during loading, unloading and transportation. They must be loaded and placed with care and bound firmly to prevent collision and rolling. Anti vibration rubber ring shall be installed on the oxygen cylinder. Check whether the safety valve is tightened before handling

5. The workplace must be selected in a safe place. The roof separation and slope must be handled thoroughly.

where the support is intact, temporary support shall be provided with incombustible materials if necessary

6. Non combustible materials shall be used for support within 10m at the front and rear ends of the working places such as electric welding and gas cutting, and water supply pipelines shall be provided. Special personnel shall be responsible for spraying water. At least 2 dry powder fire extinguishers and a sufficient number of fire-fighting sandbags shall be provided at the workplace

7. Before operation, clean the coal dust, floating coal, roadway side, coal wall and bottom plate within 20 meters of the operation site with clean water. After the completion of electric welding, gas cutting and other work, the work site shall be sprayed with water again, and a special person shall be assigned to inspect the work site for 1H. If any abnormality is found, it shall be handled immediately

8. When electric welding, gas cutting and welding are carried out in the wellhead room, shaft and inclined roadway, non combustible materials and facilities must be used under the working place to receive sparks

9. In working places such as electric welding and gas cutting, safety supervisors and tile inspectors are required to supervise and inspect on site during the operation, and carry light with them. 5. Test type: normal temperature metal stretching and other chemical gas detectors and portable tile detectors, which should be kept open, and the tile inspector should use the optical tile detector to detect the gas concentration every other hour. When the gas concentration in the air flow at the operation place is greater than 0.5%, no operation is allowed, Only when the detection proves that there is no gas accumulation at the top of the roadway and other corners within 20m around the operation site, the operation can be carried out

10. Operators of electric welding and gas cutting must wear special gloves, welding caps or special protective glasses, and the collar and cuffs must be tied tightly

11. All electric welding equipment used must be in good condition, and the wiring shall meet the standard without explosion. The gas cutting tools must be in good condition, and the joints of the gas tank shall be fixed reliably with special clips, and shall not be replaced with iron wires

12. The oxygen and acetylene cylinders used for gas cutting must be kept at a distance of more than 5m, and the acetylene cylinders must be placed on the downwind side

13. When using electric welding and gas cutting, be sure not to damage other parts of the equipment, cables, pipelines and other inflammables, and protect them with non combustible materials

14. When welding on the equipment, care must be taken to prevent damage to bearings, bushings, gear boxes, motors, etc

15. When welding on equipment, switches and other objects, power must be cut off before welding

16. During welding, the grounding point must be set as close to the welding point as possible, so as to prevent the lubricant in these places from being decomposed under the action of welding current and prevent the bearing from overheating. At the same time, prevent electric current from generating arc during welding through bearing or gear, so as to spot weld together

17. The welding machine grounding point shall not be connected to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for the plastic granulator equipment on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, because the arc will cause pitting pits on the piston rod

18. After the completion of electric welding, gas cutting and blowtorch welding, relevant equipment and tools shall not be stored at the construction site and must be recycled

19. When two pump sources are used for electric welding of the belt transportation roadway, the belt operation must be stopped, and coal dust cleaning and blasting shall not be carried out on the windward side of the construction site. When welding above the belt conveyor, the belt shall be protected with incombustible materials within 5m of the operation site

20. The ignition appliance for gas welding must be matches. The holder shall be carried by the welder and shall not be handed over to others at will. The on-site holder must be the same as the approved holder

21. The shift leader, gas inspector and fire holder must sign in person

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