Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Technical safety measures for precast slab installation

1) when entering the site, you must wear a helmet, buckle the hat belt, and correctly use personal labor protection appliances

2) operators must be healthy, pass the professional training and examination, and can only operate independently after obtaining the operation certificate or special type of work certificate issued by relevant departments. Students must operate under the guidance of the master

3) there should be a firm foothold at the hanging operation, and the high stress area in the guardrail components must be equipped with protection or other safety devices according to the specific situation

4) the riggings, scaffold boards, hanging baskets, hanging cages, platforms and other equipment used for suspended operation shall be subject to technical appraisal or the inspection party has formulated a medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020, which can be used

5) the crane shall not be overweight when lifting the hollow floor slab. When the floor is in place, only one piece is allowed to be lifted

6) operation shall be stopped in case of strong wind above level 6 and severe weather

7) do not violate the "ten no lifting" regulations when installing the floor slab

8) the transportation road shall be flat. When the precast slab is loaded by the vehicle, the gangway of the vehicle shall be wide and solid

9) when transporting and installing the floor slab on the floor, pay attention and be careful to step empty

10) it is not allowed to use hollow slabs with missing corners and cracks exceeding the specified requirements

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