Safety technical measures for electric welding at

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Safety technical measures for using electric welding at the upper opening of 1000m coal bunker

the cover plate of coal bunker at the coal unloading point at the upper opening of 1000m coal bunker shall be cut off by using electric welding on site, and protective fence and coal leakage nozzle shall be added. In order to ensure the safe and smooth construction, the safety technical measures are specially formulated, and all construction personnel must strictly follow the measures

II. Personnel organization

site principal: wangzhilin

construction principal: wangzhilin

technical principal: Qu Jiahui

the manufacturer has prospered the market and provided customers with more economical and practical experimental machines. Construction personnel: Ma Xuegang

III. technical measures for welding safety

(I) Making the paper tensile strength is one of the important physical and mechanical indexes of the paper. 1. Preparation before electric welding

1. The operator must work with a certificate, be familiar with the performance structure and use methods of electric welding machine and gas welding, and master the methods to prevent electric shock and the first-aid methods for electric shock

2. Before the electric welding machine is powered on, it is necessary to carefully check whether the wiring is firm and reliable, whether there is insulation damage, short circuit, poor contact and other phenomena, and whether the electric welding tongs are complete

3. All welding equipment, including electric welding machine, welding workbench and other metal equipment, shall be equipped with reliable grounding wires; Switches and junction boxes of all equipment must be mining flameproof equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to replace them with other equipment

4. The working place shall be equipped with two intact dry powder fire extinguishers. The construction personnel shall be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers. At the same time, a bag of sand with a volume of not less than 0.2m3 shall be placed at the place where the working pull plate is composed of a disc with a side wall for standby

5. Clean the floating coal, sundries, floor coal, roof rock, combustibles and explosives within 20 meters around the work site, and wet and thoroughly with water

6. The water pipe is connected to the construction site, and the water supply is normal. It is necessary to sprinkle water within 20 meters of the welding site to eliminate dust, so as to keep the surrounding environment fully wet, and use incombustible materials to block the welding flowers within 1.5m around the welding point, so as to prevent the welding flowers from igniting the coal

7. During the whole welding process, a full-time tile inspector shall be assigned by the ventilation team to detect the gas concentration in the front and back of the construction site and within 20 meters around the switch. Welding can only be carried out when the gas concentration in the air within 20 meters around the construction site and the switch is less than 0.5%. The safety supervision department shall assign a safety inspector to supervise the site, and the fully mechanized mining team must assign a deputy team leader or above to take charge of the site and strictly implement this measure. Stop other irrelevant operations during construction to prevent coal dust flying

8. The power supply of electric welding machine is from the load side of jh-8 winch control switch qbz-80/1140 (660) n near the upper opening of 1000m coal bunker. Before wiring, the switch shall be locked after locking, and a warning sign of "no power transmission when someone is working" shall be hung, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard it. Strictly implement the management system related to power cut-off and transmission. Measure the gas concentration within 20m around the switch. When the concentration does not exceed 0.5%, the upper cover of the switch can be opened, and the electroscope with the same voltage level can be used to check the electricity. After confirming that there is no electricity, it will discharge to the ground. Remove the power line of drawworks, connect the power line of electric welding machine, and cover the upper cover

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