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Safety technical measures for fully mechanized mining through goaf the goal of the progress of the fully mechanized mining task in our mine is to encounter a goaf. Due to the pressure from the roof of the task face, the pressure in the front roadway is high, and the roof of the goaf has collapsed, which is in urgent need of treatment. Various types of twists and turns of the wire core are one of the important reasons for the insulation eccentricity. In order to prevent the formation of safe production disorder during the handling of the goaf, The following are the technical measures for safely crossing the gob and lane in the special fully mechanized mining task face:

1. All employees participating in the task must be workers with rich mining experience, and the underground task experience of the coal mine shall not be less than two years

2. When handling empty roadways, the suspended roof must be stopped to strengthen support according to the actual environment of the site to prevent continuous collapse

3. When strengthening the support, a log with a diameter of no less than 16cm shall be used, one end shall be placed on the support, and the other end shall extend to the other side of the empty roadway

4. When placing logs, try to place as many logs as possible so that the logs can accept pressure and ensure that the top plate will not collapse, and at least 2 logs for each support

5. After the log is placed, pull the support with the log placed forward, and stretch the support upward to make the log tightly stick to the top plate to ensure that the log is stressed

6. When pulling the support, all irrelevant staff must first withdraw to the top of the broken stone in the empty lane to prevent the upper stone from rolling down and injuring people when pulling the support

7. Only after the lower part is properly handled can we begin to deal with the stone collapse site in the future

8. The total length of the upper rock collapse point is about 6 meters (4 sets). The handling method of the rock collapse address:

(1) handling 5 hydraulic props with a support height of 2 meters

(2) dig out a hard bottom on the coal wall, look for cracks, set up the pillars in front of the support of the fully mechanized mining task face, and determine the number of erected pillars according to the needs of the site; The pillar must be erected stably to ensure that it can be hit and that the shearer can pass smoothly under the pillar

(3) after the pillar is erected, the crevices between the pillar and the stone shall be filled tightly with logs to ensure that the stone falling due to the movement of the support will not move

(4) in the future, clean the floating coal and gangue on the scraper first, and then move the Shearer to the top of the collapse point. The moving interval is better to move the support that does not affect the collapse address

(5) after the cleaning of floating coal and gangue, evacuate the task staff, leave only one person to operate the support, and other staff evacuate to the upper part to observe the roof environment

(6) the support operator will make slow progress on the support at the collapse site, and the first and second mobile supports must ensure that they do not touch the erected hydraulic prop

(7) when moving the support, the support can be properly lowered, moved forward and then raised to ensure that the log can be supported

(8) after the first and second frames are moved, first observe whether all the logs have been supported by the supports; If it has been supported, the other two can be moved forward in the same way as the beginning

(9) during the second frame removal, the previously erected hydraulic prop will collapse with the support moving forward. After the prop is dumped, the support must be moved in place before the prop can be transported

(10) in the process of moving the support forward, no one shall be at the lower part of the moving support to prevent people from being injured by falling stones

(11) after the support is moved, the upper log must be firmly supported. According to the actual environment, the moved support can be properly lowered to the floor of the original gob, leaving the collapsed rocks of the gob at the top of the support, but the height after lowering must ensure that the shearer can cut the coal smoothly without damaging the roof, floor and support

(12) 7.1.3 type inspection shall be conducted when the product has one of the following conditions:; Support the future, and the task face starts to push forward slowly. In the process of pushing, after the shearer moves forward, it is necessary to stop the operation of the shearer and scraper, and immediately stop supporting the collapse site. Only after the support is safe, can the shearer continue to operate in the future

(13) every time the shearer cuts to the caving address, it is necessary to pay attention to the upper roof environment, and immediately stop the operation of the shearer and scraper when finding the results

9. Support must be immediately strengthened at the discussion place of front Empty Roadway and return air roadway to prevent the large area of suspended roof at the discussion place from leading to large area of roof collapse. This "plastic limit order" has played its due role

In the future, it will continue to increase

10. Other unexpected results will be handled by the on-site Enron handling staff and the on-site mine manager

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