Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Safety technical measures for gas pipeline installation

1.1 style criterion

the safe technology of gas drainage pipe device is to ensure the smooth gas drainage operation, complete the construction task of the next group of coal and gas pipeline device "in an excellent, efficient and safe manner", and follow the requirements of underground gas pipeline device issued by the outburst prevention personnel

1.2 project overview( Φ 426*5*6)。 Underground gas pipeline devices mainly include 15102 bottom drainage roadway, 15102 belt trough, 15102 track trough, and gas pipeline devices in air return roadway outside the first mining area

the number of primary tasks is:

1) 15102 bottom extraction roadway: cut 12 holes on the task face from 15102 bottom extraction roadway 1

2) 15102 track trough: 1098m from the entrance of the 15102 track trough and the centralized track down the mountain lane

3) 15102 tape groove: cut 1178m from 15102 tape groove on the task surface

4) outside air return roadway in mining area 1: cut 664m from 15

Chapter II rest organization and circulation work

construction organization includes: 6 Pipe fitters per shift, 1 main sub team leader, and the main sub team leader: team leader

the pipeline transportation method is to lower the main winch of the main inclined shaft, two cars each time, three cars each, down to the bottom car of the main inclined shaft. Because of the limitations of underground transportation, the transportation of the roadway without rail transportation shall be stopped manually; During unloading, the chain block shall be used for manual unloading, and then the manual transportation shall be carried out first, and the pipeline shall be installed

Satellite Petrochemical ( announced in the evening of July 31 that the company's annual output of 450000 tons of propane dehydrogenation to propylene project began to enter the stage of commissioning Technical standards and requirements for construction technology of anchor bolt embedding measures

1) permanent drainage pipeline device

pneumatic drill drilling → anchor bolt embedding → anchor chain installation → hoop clamp of device pipeline (the hoop clamp and anchor chain are connected with high-strength bolts) → device bracket → anti-skid steel beam installation → suspended situation device pipeline (the anti-skid steel beam and gas pipe are firmly fastened with steel clips)

the prepared anchor bolt machine and pneumatic anchor head shall be used to drill holes according to the requirements of the drawings. The depth of the anchor bolt hole shall meet the requirements. In the actual construction, the anchor chain can be used to adjust the height of the pipeline according to the on-site roadway environment to make its slope meet the design requirements. Operate the pneumatic drill to drill holes, and install the anchor rod, bracket and pipeline, as well as the pipeline of the situation device suspended by the hook. The specification of anchor rod is: m24*2400 anchor rod is used for underground gas pipeline, which needs to be drilled in 1600mm and exposed 800mm. Use the chain fall to hang the gas pipe to the design height, and then use the pipe clamp device. After calculation, the component of each section of gas pipe is about 150kg, and the total component of three sections is 450kg. It is certain to use 3T chain fall to suspend the gas pipe to the design height, and then use the pipe clamp device. When the bracket device is used, one end operates the anchor bolt at the top of the roadway firmly, and the other end firmly sets 4 solid anchor bolts on the chain block, and then operates the leveling and alignment. At the position where there is a bracket, pad the skid block between the pipeline and the bracket. At this time, firmly tighten the bolts at the end where the anchor bolt and the joist hope to improve the production capacity through capital force. In addition, a firm bracket is used to install the device on the roof of the roadway. Two lifting chains are installed on each section of the pipeline. The device is 1m from the head and tail of the pipeline. The middle of the pipeline needs to be reinforced with lifting chains according to the detailed environment to prevent excessive deformation of the pipeline

2) the piping device

shall be handled according to the on-site construction. All things and accessories required for construction must be prepared before work, including steel wire rope, 3T chain fall, 6mm rope clamp, lifting ring, 40d large chain and all things used. After the pipeline is transported to the device address, use an adjustable wrench to connect 3 or 5 pipelines in the air (no more than 5 at most), then use a large chain to tie the pipeline 2 meters inward, use a 3T chain fall to lift the pipeline to the device height, and stand under the pipeline during this process. At the device position, find the appropriate anchor rod, screw on the lifting ring and connect the large chain under the condition of confirming the appropriate strength requirements. The steel wire rope adopts the 6-point steel wire rope. After the steel wire rope passes through the large chain and winds the pipe for 2 turns, the rope head shall be set with 3 5-point rope clamps in front and back, and the spacing between the rope clamps shall not be less than 100mm., Use another rope to fasten the steel wire rope for discussion. After confirmation, slowly loosen the chain fall to make the steel wire rope stressed, and complete the cost subordination and pipeline device

the pipeline installation position and height can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual roadway environment. According to the drawings and the actual site environment, the gas pipelines, elbows, nipples, slings and brackets shall be processed and manufactured by the construction company. During the processing, the requirements of the drawings and the provisions of the quality standards shall be strictly followed. Each time the pipeline devices are hoisted, the number of pipes shall not exceed 5. Three pipes shall be installed every 200m or at the low-lying place of the pipeline, so as to install the pipeline drain

Chapter IV production technology measures of Enron

1. All employees must be separated from the surrounding of the transport vehicle and be in the safe place during the transportation

2. Seriously study the equipment quality standards such as the coal mine safety regulations and the quality inspection and evaluation standards for coal mine equipment engineering

3. Strictly implement the shift assignment system, make clear the production tasks, equipment operation environment, things, data, project progress, etc., and keep a record of the assigned shift

4. When moving the gas pipeline, it shall be lifted and placed gently to prevent collision and injury

5. Each shift shall have one chief air commander and one underground commander to comprehensively instruct the tasks of the shift. All construction personnel must obey the instructions and assignments

6. The construction team leader shall act as the same placing instruction, assign special personnel to supervise, understand the division of labor, and all staff shall cooperate in the task

7. During the transportation, special personnel must be assigned to take care of the whole transportation line to prevent personnel from being injured or injured

8. Strictly implement the pre shift and post shift meeting system. The pre shift meeting is delayed for 10 minutes, and the person on duty arranges and assigns tasks, emphasizes the importance of Enron, and summarizes the tasks left behind

9. After each shift is handed over, the staff on duty shall make a comprehensive inspection of the construction equipment, machines and tools, lifting ropes, and make a record of the shift handover

10. When entering the construction site, the construction staff must first knock on the top, carefully check the safety status of the top support within the scope of work, and if they find any unsafe status, they must improve the handling of their superiors and confirm that Enron can work ahead; During the installation of gas pipeline, the homework staff must observe the roof at any time to prevent roof falling, wall injury or damage to mechanical equipment and gas pipeline

11. No one is allowed to stand within the radius of the handle during the operation of the anchor bolt machine. The construction personnel must wear clean and tidy clothes to prevent being injured by machinery

12. The personnel going down the well must wear safety belts, safety helmets, rubber boots, miner's lamps and self rescuers. The safety belts must be tested for tension and can only be used after passing the test and being recognized by the security inspection department

13. All construction personnel are forbidden to carry contraband down the well

14. After the winch is started, no staff is allowed to walk back and forth

15. When the pipeline is hoisted by chain fall, no one is allowed to work or stay under the pipeline. The pipeline binding chain shall be connected with a horseshoe ring, which shall be threaded and sealed and tightly fastened

16. The wrenches, hammers and other things used by the construction staff in the well shall be placed at the designated position

17. When installing the pipeline wall base, the wall must be close to the lane wall. It is strictly prohibited to paste the wall to enrich the scene

18. Safety measures for driving top bolt

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