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Safety technical measures for dangerous and hazardous factors of painting operation

1. main dangerous and hazardous factors of painting operation

(1) fire and explosion

a. the coatings and solvents used in the coating operation are inflammable and explosive materials. In the coating operation, if the ventilation is poor, the equipment and facilities are defective, and electrostatic sparks are generated, in order to control the plastic market trend and personnel violations, the inflammable and explosive gases reach the explosion limit, fire and explosion accidents may occur

b. electrical fire may be caused due to electrical equipment failure, inadequate inspection and maintenance, aging wire insulation, etc. the company did not stop the disaster; It may also cause explosion due to the expansion of electrical fire

(2) poisoning

the paint contains benzene homologues, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. If the workshop is poorly ventilated, the operators do not wear protective equipment correctly or the protective equipment fails, it may cause chronic poisoning or acute poisoning, or even occupational disease

2. main safety technical measures to prevent fire, explosion or poisoning accidents during coating operation

(1) ventilation: the spraying room shall be equipped with a supporting ventilation and purification system

(2) detection and alarm:

a. combustible gas detection and alarm devices will be set at places where combustible gas may leak, so as to alarm in time

b. where the fan, pump, motor, filter and other components matched with the spraying equipment are prone to failure, it should be equipped with a sound or sound light combination alarm device and interlocked with the power source of the spraying operation. It is imperative to explore the new development path of plastic granulator technology

(3) non combustible materials: the spraying room and its connected air supply and exhaust pipes should be made of non combustible materials, and the ground should be made of materials that do not produce sparks, or covered with materials that do not produce sparks

(4) explosion proof equipment: the spraying room shall select explosion-proof electrical equipment, facilities, instruments and meters according to the corresponding explosion-proof grade

(5) no fire:

a. anti static: all metal parts, equipment, pipelines and ventilation systems for coating, solvent, etc. must have reliable electrical grounding

b. the paint booth shall be equipped with fire-fighting signs and sufficient fire-fighting equipment

(6) wear protective clothing, protective glasses or long tube mask during painting operation to isolate materials from human body

(7) ventilation system efficiency and electrical safety technology shall be measured at least once a year in the paint booth

(8) painting operators must receive professional and safety technical training on painting before taking up their posts. There are 1665 new material enterprises above the province level

(9) irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the painting room. The personnel entering the room shall strictly carry out fire and explosion prevention education

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