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Safety technical measures for equipment loading

1. When entering the well, the shift leader and team leader must wear a portable gas alarm, and check the gas concentration at the operation site at any time during loading. The operation can be carried out only when the gas concentration is less than 1%

2. The on-site personnel must obey the unified command of the team leader and be serious to ensure the loading quality

3. The lifting tools used during equipment loading shall not be overloaded

4. When the equipment is loaded, the center of gravity must be found, balanced and firmly bound. The front and back of the support shall be cross fixed with two two cribs, and the middle shall be bound together with a 18.5mm steel wire and a flat car (both sides shall be fixed with two rope clips), and the four corners of the support and the flat car shall be fixed together with 6\5wire rod, and the rest shall be bound in two layers with 15.5mm steel wire rope

5. The two man cribbing and support must be fixed with standard splints and 20mm screws. It is strictly prohibited to use anchor chain to connect directly with screws

6. When loading the support, its front detection beam, slide pusher, front and rear columns and rear tail beam shall be retracted to the minimum. Its movable parts (side guard plate and rear plug plate) must be threaded with 20mm screws and locked firmly, which shall not hinder transportation. All oil pipes and liquid pipes shall be wrapped with linen or plastic

7. When installing the support, the side guard must be fixed with a pin. If the pin cannot be used to fix and retract, it must be twisted and retracted with a steel wire rope

8. Each flatbed truck equipped with brackets must be checked. The unqualified and unstable bumps must not be used. Check whether the wheel size is consistent and whether it does not turn. If so, install the brackets after Mercer thinks it must be replaced

9. The steel wire rope and anchor chain U-ring used for hoisting equipment must be tied up and fully buckled. The team leader shall be appointed to command. Personnel are not allowed to stand on the equipment and under the hoisting arm. They must leave the possible range of equipment falling

10. When using the original shed beam lifting equipment, in addition to the high selling price of this product (stroller), hook the top, and re reinforce the shed within 5m before and after reinforcement, berms must be set at both ends of the beam to prevent falling. In case of roof breakage, high pressure and other problems, lifting is strictly prohibited. Special lifting beams should be re erected, made of 11\x** steel or 20cm pine orchard wood, and berms should be set at both ends of the beam to prevent falling. When lifting equipment, special personnel should be assigned to observe the roof conditions, And lifting tools, the staff shall stand away from the possible range of equipment falling, and overload lifting is strictly prohibited

11. Manually upend and erect the flatbed truck, which is operated by 56 people with the same password and uniform force. After erection, it is reliably supported with side timbers at an angle of 7080. It is forbidden to stand upright, Professor Yuncheng said: "We are very careful to control the geometric shape of graphene aerogel. Intelligent transmission has become an important direction for the development of the plastic industry.

12. When loading, the vehicle must be fixed firmly with a car stopper.

13. When manually lifting and loading, it must cooperate with each other, rise and fall together, so as to prevent hand and foot collisions and other accidents.

14. When loading with a platform, the rope head must be fixed reliably. Before driving, the personnel should hide in a safe place The signalman can send the start-up signal only after checking that there is no error, so as to prevent the steel wire rope from falling off and injuring people. When getting on the platform, the angle of the support shall be adjusted in time, and the support shall be installed correctly

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