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The safety technical measures for mine power supply restoration during the anti wind drill

1. Construction outline

our mine annual anti wind drill on December 31, 2013. During the drill, it is necessary to stop the underground power and the main local fan power supply. In order to ensure the smooth stop of the task and the safety of the staff, this Enron technical method is hereby formulated

2. Construction time: December 31, 2013

3. Construction address:

4. Person in charge of Construction: Enron person in charge:

5. Preparation before construction

1. Before construction, all staff involved should be seriously organized to learn the construction methods and be familiar with the operation steps of power off and transmission

2. Equip electricians to operate things, and mobilize them in the monkey car room at the wellhead for adjustment

6. Construction pace

(I). Power failure

1. During the drill, when each tunneling construction unit withdraws personnel, the unit's protection staff will turn the equipment switch to the stop position one by one in their own area, from the inside to the outside

2. After the dispensing room (the person in charge of the anti wind drill) gives the drill start order, all underground power supply equipment can be powered off

① the staff on duty of 35K substation cut off the power supply of the first and second way down the well

② cut off the power supply of 1 and 2 belts in the substation chamber at the outlet of the main adit

③ cut off the protective assembly power supply of the monkey car and the track uphill sports car in the air shaft 2.5 drawworks

3. After the power failure, report to the dispatching room immediately to confirm that the power failure operation is over

(II) power transmission

1. The gas concentration in the central substation is lower than 0.5% after being checked by the gas man and the team to be explored. The mine dispatching room sends a power transmission notice to the 35kV substation to the underground central substation

2. The adjustment room tells the construction responsible person to organize the construction staff to go down the well. After each construction staff reaches the designated position, stop checking the main power feed and main fan switch of each excavation head, confirm that the equipment function is intact and all switches are locked, and the gas man checks that the gas concentration within 10m of the motor equipment and its switch accessories is less than 0.5%, state the adjustment room, The dispatching room shall tell the power transmission staff of the central substation to send power to the power transformation chamber at the tail of the belt conveyor for coal transportation up the hill and each excavation head

3. When the main local fan is powered on, it shall be operated by inching first and then power on, and the switching operation of the main and standby fans shall be stopped, and then it shall be reported to the coordination room

4. The head-on power of each excavation head is powered by the on duty protection. When the gas concentration in the roadway does not exceed 1.0% and the carbon dioxide concentration does not exceed 1.5%, the power supply in the roadway can be restored

5. After receiving the notification from the dispatching room, the power transmission staff in the main adit substation and within the range of 2.5m winch will restore the main Adit in time. 1. Immediately take emergency measures to supply power for the protective assembly of two belts, monkey cars and track uphill sports cars

7. Attention of Enron

1. All soft touch power transmission personnel with similar Cr, SBR or PU foams wait for orders in the monkey cart room at the wellhead, stop power transmission according to the instructions of the dispensing room, and use a portable instrument to detect the gas concentration within 20 meters of the switch accessories before power transmission

2. Before power transmission, it must be checked by the gas man, and it is not easy to select the appropriate provisions for the experiment of plastic materials, and the power transmission operation can be performed before the consent of the mine dispatching room

3. Before the operation of the main local fan, it must be inched first, and cannot be blown by the wind

4. Before entering the well, the power cut personnel shall be mobilized in the waiting room at the wellhead, and the on-site power cut and transmission person in charge shall count the number of people according to the list of entering the well, and then enter the well to stop the power cut and transmission

5. After power failure, the power outage personnel shall be mobilized at the underground waiting station, and the person in charge of power outage and transmission on site shall count the number of people according to the list of people entering the well, and then the person in charge of power outage and transmission shall count the number of people and report to the coordination room after confirmation

6. During power off and transmission, the power off and transmission staff must carry the portable gas meter

7. The power supply personnel must be familiar with the power supply parts within the scope of their tasks and work with certificates

8. When operating high-voltage electrical equipment, operators must carry insulating gloves, air compressor pump and wear electrical insulating boots or stand on the insulating platform

9. The above places shall strictly comply with the coal mine safety regulations and the approval opinions

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