Safety technical measures for construction of the

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Safety technical measures for basket construction

1. The width of basket platform is 0.8 ~ 1m, and the length is not more than 6m

2. The chain block shall be equipped with a safety card to prevent the basket platform from sliding automatically under normal working conditions

3. The hanging basket must be equipped with a safety lock, and a safety rope (diameter 12.5mm) of the same model as the lifting steel wire rope shall be added at the hanging position of each hanging basket platform, and each safety rope shall be equipped with a safety lock

4. The safety lock shall enable the basket platform to act when the sliding speed is greater than 25m/min, and stop within 100mm of the sliding distance

optimize the industrial layout 5. The connection between steel wire rope and cantilever beam shall be provided with measures to prevent the steel wire rope from being sheared

6. The steel wire rope is connected to the basket platform with a clamp, and then flows back to the oil tank ring through the oil return valve body through the pressure oil pipe. When the hook is used, there is a safety device to prevent the wire rope from falling out

7. Explosion proof features: operators in the basket shall be equipped with safety belts, which shall not be hung on the lifting wire rope to prevent the lifting rope from being disconnected

8. The basket lifting operation shall be specially responsible by trained personnel and relatively fixed. In case of personnel change, they must be retrained to be familiar with the operation environment

9. During the lifting operation of the basket, non lifting operators shall not stay in the basket; Before the basket is lifted and fixed in place, other operators are not allowed to enter the basket

10. The two persons who control the manual hoist on the roof must coordinate the action control to prevent the basket from tilting; Two persons are arranged under the basket for supervision

11. When the hanging basket slides in the building, the retaining wheel shall be set. Do not collide with the building during the lifting process. Special personnel can be assigned to push the hanging basket near the balcony, hole and other parts. After the lifting in place, the hanging basket must be firmly fixed with the building

12. Before the removal and use of the basket scaffold, the construction director shall make a detailed disclosure and division of labor to the construction personnel and determine the general requirements: the commander

13. After the hanging basket is installed on site, no-load safe operation test shall be carried out, and the sensitivity and reliability of the safety device shall be tested

14. After the basket is lifted or lowered in place and fixed each time, it shall be accepted and confirmed that it meets the requirements before starting work

15. When the basket is lifted and lowered in place, it can only be operated after it is firmly fixed with the building. The distance between the basket and the horizontal building is less than 20cm. When the basket shakes, fixed measures shall be taken in time, and personnel shall not continue to work in the shaking

16. No matter in the lifting process or in the basket positioning state, the lifting steel wire rope must be vertical to the ground and shall not be inclined. If the basket needs to move horizontally, it shall be lowered to the ground, the lifting wire rope shall be loosened, and the basket shall be lifted after the position of the roof cantilever beam is changed and fixed

17. The stacking and personnel in the basket shall not be overloaded, and the tools shall be tied with ropes to prevent falling and hurting people

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