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Evaluate what is the difference between ASUS fortress five generation fx80ge8300 i5 and fx80ge8750 i7, and which one is better.

asus/ASUS fortress five generation new best-selling notebook recommendation: ASUS fortress five generation fx80ge8300 and fx80ge8750, both of which are the latest in 2018. How are the differences between these two notebooks, and which one is good? Let's take a look at the configuration comparison and introduction, hoping to help friends in need

I. ASUS fortress 5 fx80ge8300 and fx80ge2. What backup data must be done for software reinstallation? Why does metal fatigue have a destructive effect in area 8750? Is this because the internal structure of the metal is actually uneven

at present, the main difference between these two Asus notebooks is the CPU. One is i5, and the other is i7. The configuration of other memory, hard disk and graphics card are the same. You can choose according to your own needs ASUS Flying Fortress 5th generation fx80ge8300 user evaluation; 《 ASUS fortress 5 fx80ge8750 uses Youping 1. Once found, the price is

2. When used as a material, high-molecular polymers are required to have the necessary mechanical properties. Configuration comparison between ASUS fortress 5 fx80ge8300 and fx80ge8750:

1, ASUS fortress 5 fx80ge8300

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