Most popular ESCO acquires mikkelse, a video syste

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Because of its frequent use to acquire Mikkelsen graphics engineering company, the developer of video system, ASCO announced last weekend that it would acquire Mikkelsen graphics engineering company, a provider of video control post press processing solutions, after successfully concluding the exhibition in druba. This transaction is expected to end at the end of July 2008

Mikkelsen graphics engineering company is the developer of I cut video system, and its I script workflow has also become a recognized international standard. In addition, the company is also the agent of digital die cutting equipment such as Ascot Kongsberg I XL and I Xe in the United States

Carsten knuds, President and CEO of ESCO, commented that since 2004, we have worked closely with Mikkelsen graphic engineering company. Now, we are happy to further expand the scope of cooperation with the company, without bringing more powerful solutions to customers. The company's suppliers in the Asia Pacific region include two modification plants: Goldilocks in Guangzhou, China and the Clariant case in New Zealand

it is understood that Zeng an, the Greater China business director and senior consultant of DuPont sustainable solutions of Mikkelsen graphics engineering company, believes that it will operate as a commercial unit of ascor after being acquired

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