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With the vigorous development of Internet, the importance of e-commerce, online shopping, online marketing and direct banking has become increasingly prominent. Troubleshooting: check whether the limit rod screw is loosened? With the diversification of communication methods, customer service as the display of corporate image is shifting from traditional to Internet, The new channel of Web-based customer service dialogue is installed on the lower part of the mobile beam "Therefore, we began to study how to use recycled plastics to manufacture high-quality wire rods with composite industry standards, opening a new chapter in the development of customer service.

for customers, the convenience of the customer service system eliminates their confusion about enterprise products or services, and shortens the distance with enterprises. The point and click dialogue is more direct than the traditional, email communication, and the text communication of the dialog is more convenient to capture consultation letters The focus of information is convenient for information storage and recording

for enterprises, the customer service system broadens their marketing channels. In addition to strengthening the maintenance of the relationship with visitors, various statistical data and historical data management functions are also conducive to enterprises to better control the situation of stations and improve the service quality, so as to achieve the marketing purpose of turning visitors into customers

therefore, in order to further strengthen the service capacity of Bank of China, provide better and convenient services for online businesses, and vigorously support the development of Internet finance of Bank of China, the customer service system built by Ericsson technology for Bank of China was officially launched by the Bank of China in February 2013, After the system goes online, it provides a new service mode for Bank of China customers. Customers can communicate with Bank of China customer service center through text chat, sending screenshots, voice dialogue, message and other methods, which greatly enriches the channels and methods of customer communication, improves the customer experience, and lays a good foundation for expanding other media channels in the future

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