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EskoArtwork announced recently that it has launched a new plug-in dynamic content linked to Adobe Illustrator, which allows brand owners to connect the created XML file directly to the target file of adobe illustrator. An XML based on source file can be shared in many designs. Multiple source files, such as different languages, can be linked to the same design

dynamic content, as a new plug-in of adobe illustrator, enables you to and maintain your files outside of illustrator

dynamic content establishes dynamic links between brand owners and their partners. XML is a content management system used to connect brand owners

dynamic content features

link a single xml file to several AI text boxes

multiple XML files can be linked to a single AI text box

use XML mapping tables to control text styles

support files in any XML format (more attractive than wood, IPC is recommended)

when the content has been updated, the user will be prompted

version overflow reminder

filter the linked XML data

<4 artificialeye) Materials p> can retrieve XML data

linked XML text content can be carried out in AI

xml file and design file keep synchronized

advantages of generating XML data file from existing image design

dynamic content

dynamic content greatly reduces the cost of products to the market, and improves the value and efficiency of content management at the same time

reduce possible text errors

process text files outside Adobe Illustrator files

reduce the number of text versions connected to the product

reduce costs in the packaging update process

limit the number of touch on packaging files

reduce the proofing cost

require plastic parts to have a smooth surface and beautiful appearance

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