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The European Commission approved BASF to acquire Koning

12 to achieve a win-win situation for both sides. On February 2, the European Commission officially approved BASF Europe to acquire Koning Holdings Co., Ltd. The European Commission approved the acquisition on the condition that BASF divested part of Corning's business, and the sales of this part of business was significantly less than 100million euros, less than 3% of Corning's total sales. At the same time, the Chinese government also approved the acquisition on the same day. At present, the transaction has been approved by all relevant competition authorities and is expected to be completed in early December. 1. Plastic shrinkage rate and its influencing factors

BASF assured the European Commission that it would divest Corning of the following businesses and assets located in the Hayes production base in the UK:

they pioneered the first domestic non-ferrous industry aluminum electricity 1 industrial model; Led the establishment of a strategic alliance for innovation in energy-efficient aluminum electrolysis technology; Successfully developed large-scale aluminum electrolysis series non-stop slotting technology; Developed the first 320ka and 400kA large-scale energy-saving aluminum electrolysis production line in China; The new technology of low temperature and low voltage aluminum electrolysis has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; The high-temperature superconducting DC transmission cable jointly researched with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved engineering demonstration operation in the 320ka electrolytic aluminum production workshop; Complete the transformation task 6 of the new stable current and energy-saving electrolytic cell; Corning carboxyl methacrylate business

Corning multifunctional methacrylate (MFM) and complex business

polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and PAG based lubricant production plant. BASF will retain its business including its customer base and intellectual property rights, and purchase PAG and PAG based lubricants produced by Hays production base through entrusted production contracts. BASF will provide the buyer of the production device with the production license of these products

in June, 2010, BASF announced that it had reached an agreement with Corning holdings Luxemburg Co., Ltd. to acquire Corning, a specialty chemicals company controlled by bomira, Goldman Sachs and SV Life Sciences, at an equity purchase price of 700million euros. With the net debt and pension of Corning, the actual transaction value is 3.1 billion euros

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