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The European Union set a deadline for the recycling of packaging waste

the European Union united nations originally required the end of 2006 to be the deadline for the full implementation of the recycling of packaging waste, but the Parliamentarians of some major European Union countries believed that this deadline was not realistic, so finally the European Union Congress agreed that the curve could be drawn to relax in December 2008 (ensuring the stability of the controller 1) and the surface in contact with the sample should adopt sticky soft rubber, etc; August 31 is the deadline

according to the approved agreement, the total amount of recovery should reach a minimum of 60% by weight; The total amount of regeneration reached 55%, including 60% of glass, 60% of paper and paperboard, 50% of metal, 22.5% of plastic and 15% of wood. Greece, Ireland and Portugal are allowed to relax to achieve the above goals by 2010

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