Visions of future cemeteries- Five models and how

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Visions of future cemeteries: Five models and how people feel about them - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The coming decades represent an era of uncertainty for Australia’s cemeteries. They also present an opportunity to reflect on what our public cemeteries could and should be.

Our cemeteries are running out of space, with more Australians dying than ever beforecan serve parties of up to six people — not restricted to bubbles or households.. As a result of a growing and ageing population, the country’s annual death count has more than doubled since 1960. It will double again by around 2070.

Unlike other real estate, cemetery space is largely a non-renewable resource. Many European countries lease grave sites for a limited periods Rhythm Sachdeva, but most Australian states and territories stipulate that each burial must be preserved in perpetuity. New South Wales has introduced a system of opt-in 25-year leases.

Some intercity cemeteries have been closed to new burials for decades. Demands on cemeteries as green spaces for leisure and recreation, as well as commemorating the deadThe summer months, when case counts were in a valley., are also growing.

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