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With the advent of the Internet era, the aluminum door and window industry has also ushered in a new situation. Facing the new problems brought by the new environment, paya believes that improving the satisfaction of user experience and using social media are the key, which is conducive to building a strong corporate brand power

in the era of Internet, the equality of information gives consumers a strong voice. In the past, users were isolated, weak and basically have no influence. Now in the era of mobile Internet, users are social, strong and interact with each other, which can make a brand or destroy a brand

under the background of Internet informatization, the brand construction of enterprises is more important for aluminum door and window enterprises. "In the aluminum door and window industry, whether a product or service is good or not is not up to the enterprise itself, but to be persuasive. Therefore, paying attention to user experience and improving user satisfaction has become one of the key links of enterprise brand construction. In addition, consumers will share their opinions or suggestions on the brand through social networks, which also forces aluminum door and window enterprises to take the road of online marketing." Zhu Changling, chairman of China Furniture Association, said

then, what should enterprises do first to establish a brand? To this end, the reporter consulted the "time-honored brand" in the aluminum alloy door and window industry - paya door and window, and its person in charge accepted the reporter's interview and analyzed the problem

attaching importance to user experience is the primary work

"to build a brand, we must first understand why consumers choose your brand? What benefits can choosing your brand bring to me?" The person in charge of paya pointed out that to solve these two problems, in the final analysis, we need to understand the needs of users and pay attention to user experience. To optimize the user experience, products and services are the key

it is understood that the designers of paya doors and windows design product styles that keep pace with the times according to the new orientation every year. "Paya's investment in R & D and design of doors and windows is increasing every year, aiming to give consumers a new visual experience. In addition to strict screening, the design team of paya's doors and windows will regularly go abroad for a comprehensive design training every year to ensure the novelty of product styles and create products that make consumers scream." A designer of paya doors and windows told reporters

in addition, in addition to creating novel product styles, after-sales service is also the standard that can best experience whether enterprises attach importance to users. Paya doors and windows will strengthen the training of installation workers to improve their installation skills and service awareness; Establish an after-sales service team to deal with the difficulties and problems of consumers, communicate and feed back in time to make consumers satisfied. At the same time, the enterprise promises the maintenance service of hardware parts warranty within one year, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of consumers

attaching importance to social media is the key to communication.

after ensuring the requirements of consumers' products in the early stage, enterprises also need to enhance their stickiness with users. In the past, the media was one-way, monopoly, high unit price, and must be put in a large number at the same time, while the media in the mobile Internet era is interactive, open, low-cost, free, and accurate

"in the Internet era, aluminum door and window enterprises can't develop and expand without the marketing means of the Internet, and the key to obtain a higher user base is the promotion means, using the word-of-mouth communication effect at the core of Internet thinking to create a strong brand in the minds of users." The person in charge of paya doors and windows analyzed. In many Internet platforms, paya doors and windows uses all resources to promote and spread on Internet platforms. At the same time, affected by the brand effect, many multimedia and portal platforms have reported on it

some experts pointed out that in the new era of mobile Internet, aluminum door and window enterprises need to produce products that satisfy consumers and pay attention to the dissemination of social media, so that the brand can be spread to the broad audience at the right time and place. So as to establish a strong enterprise brand power and lay the foundation for the development of the enterprise





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