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There are many cabinet brands and materials in the market, but the pricing method is relatively simple, one is "linear meter pricing" and the other is "single cabinet pricing". Many people are cheated when they buy because they can't distinguish the pricing method of the business. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see what these two pricing methods are for cabinets? Where is the trap

there are many cabinet brands and materials in the market, but the pricing method is relatively simple. One is “ Linear meter pricing ”, One is “ Single cabinet pricing ”. Many people are cheated when they buy because they can't distinguish the pricing method of the business. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see what these two pricing methods are for cabinets? Where is the trap

1. According to “ Linear meter ” Pricing, “ Linear meter ” What is it

“ Linear meter ” This unit of measurement is generally used to count the quantities of irregular strip or linear projects. In the furniture market, it is also generally used in cabinets. For example, a set of cabinets includes a 1-meter-long console and a 1-meter-long hanging cabinet. Although you see the prices of the upper and lower parts respectively, the price of a linear meter that the manufacturer usually tells you includes both the upper and lower parts

2. What does it mean to calculate by single cabinet

pricing by single cabinet, as the name suggests, refers to the listing of commonly used combination units, specific to how much each cabinet costs. This pricing method has high accuracy and relatively small error

where is the price trap of linear meter pricing

when choosing cabinets, what you see most is “ XXX yuan/linear meter ” Some prices look very exciting, but it should be noted that many times, this is only the basic quotation of cabinets. The following are some situations that consumers often encounter. Readers should be careful not to be deceived when choosing cabinets

the general linear meter pricing is as follows:

the meter number of the hanging cabinet * the unit price of the hanging cabinet + the meter number of the floor cabinet * the unit price of the floor cabinet + the meter number of the table board * the unit price of the table board + (the hardware, glass, lamps and other accessories added later can not be added) = the total price of the cabinet &mdash& mdash; Pay attention to the parts that can be added or not, which often leads to a lot of fishiness

1. There is a big difference between the quotation and the actual settlement price

for example, the sample you see has only one big cabinet door, but actually there are two cabinets designed for consumers. Finally, when pricing, the price will be increased on the basis of the original quotation. The reason is that the original quotation of one linear meter is for a cabinet door. Increasing the number of cabinets also means increasing the back plate, side plate and hardware, and there will be additional money

2. Hardware, etc. have to be equipped additionally

the price of the sample is good-looking and very affordable, but in fact, the special-shaped basket cabinet and hardware inside are not included, and they all need to be paid additionally at that time. After all are equipped, the price will go up

3. Accessories only include the simplest

some cabinets look bright, and the price is real, and the merchants also promise not to pay extra for drawers, baskets, etc. But I learned afterwards that these are the most basic configurations. You should know that the situation and needs of each household are different. If you want to adjust the design scheme, the merchant will accumulate a lot of fees to be added at this time. Once you change the accessories, you have to add extra money

expert advice: choosing a cabinet brand with good reputation and trust is naturally the first thing. But consumers themselves should also have a clear idea of the size, plates, hardware, etc. of the cabinet when purchasing it. After the introduction of the specific design scheme, if there is any change, the size of the changed hanging cabinet and floor cabinet, and the number of hardware and other accessories that will be increased or decreased should be listed one by one. When talking about the price, we should verify clearly, and try to indicate the changes when signing the contract

see how single cabinet pricing can avoid this trap

the design and configuration of each single cabinet has its own significance. Each standard cabinet has a corresponding clear quotation, which is very clear. How much is the price of each cabinet? Is the configuration of its components reasonable? Hinges, baskets, handles, etc. are clear. In addition to the budget table, there is also an information confirmation sheet for the single cabinet pricing method, which includes some details, such as the material and color of each component Style, model, etc

in this case, the number of drawers inside, the number of hardware, the form of brackets, the density of partitions, etc., give consumers a lot of information

consider the quality of the cabinet on the spot to see if it is worth the money, see clearly the materials selected for the countertop, and whether the turning and other parts are done carefully. This is very crafty. Cabinet materials should be environment-friendly, moisture-proof and durable. The workmanship of the sliding door up and down on the counter is also an inspection to see how stable it is

only transparent pricing, consumers can rest assured

readers may want to ask, now the mainstream of the market is still using linear meter pricing, how to avoid being unscrupulous merchants “ Cut ” And? A netizen has encountered such a problem. He didn't consider so much before buying cabinets. He went to the exhibition hall of a brand and thought it was very cheap, but in the end, he still spent a lot of money wrongly

what happened to the above netizens:

the cabinets bought were priced in linear meters. The merchants came to the door to measure the meter. According to the linear meters, there was no problem looking at the scale, but in fact, the current kitchen pattern is not so simple. For example, there are no lockers on it, and a lot of money was spent on the lockers when calculating the price. There are also some embedded electrical appliances that do not need door panels. It costs a lot more door panels based on linear meters, which is really not worth it


in this case, it should be noted that in the process of customizing cabinets, the cost budget should be detailed as much as possible, so that every cost can be seen clearly. Even if they quote according to linear meters, they can also be required to clearly mark the plates, laminations, hardware, etc. if the original cabinets need to be changed, the corresponding price adjustment should also be noted, and do not let the black heart merchants muddle through. Consumers can ask businesses to issue strict quotations, carefully investigate and eliminate those non-existent cabinet money from the total price

after knowing the tricks of those unscrupulous merchants in exploiting price gaps, consumers can choose the right cabinet according to their own situation. More cabinet pricing can be viewed by clicking information




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