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The design inspiration of sirpi2018's latest masterpiece "Rainbow" comes from the perfect integration of natural scenery with liquid color and exotic atmosphere

the agency brand sirpi of Grammy wallpaper is located in Milan, Italy, and was founded in 1970. It is the leading brand of Italian wallpaper manufacturers, accounting for 70% of the Italian wallpaper market

the high-tech production technology, excellent technicians, young and creative design team and the latest production equipment, and the strategy based on the belief of innovation and change have laid the foundation for sirpi to continue to move forward on the road of success

sirpi has a young and creative team, excellent skills, strong teamwork ability, and shows a positive and energetic spirit

an excellent team can make the factory operate efficiently. Sirpi's pattern, color, printing technology, etc. have strong innovative significance, leading the trend of the times

sirpi series wallpapers are produced in a fully enclosed environment, and a high-precision system is set inside the factory, which can reduce and treat pollutants and ensure that the wallpapers produced are highly environmental friendly

sirpi takes "simplicity but not simplicity, true color contrast, the integration of classical and modern elements, and the living of modern" abstract "art works" as the design concept to create a number of fashionable and meaningful products

the design inspiration of sirpi2018's latest masterpiece rainbow comes from the perfect integration of natural scenery with liquid color and exotic atmosphere

it is a contemporary collection of tones and weaves, as well as a graphic work on the theme of multicolor superposition and shadow. These patterns skillfully use color and geometric structure, and different levels of tones make the pattern irregular, highlighting the full texture

originated in Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world. It draws the most popular color elements and geometric shapes from the Milan fashion show, which is at the forefront of fashion

the perfect combination of the two is just right, just like a color scheme made by a palette with artistic dreams in the realization of the century

350 grams of high-density non-woven bottom, exquisite embossing and 23 color multi-color printing technology are perfectly combined, giving people space to imagine and a feeling of being close to nature

sirpi has been imitated, waiting to be surpassed





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