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The newly married couple's decoration of their new house meets the plum rain season, but the decoration project has been half way through, so they can't stop work casually. Facing this annoying weather, what should we pay attention to in decoration? Now let's get to know

when the decoration meets the plum rain season, and the decoration project is half way through, what should we do at this time? Let's see what we should pay attention to in the decoration of new houses in the plum rain season

part1: carefully select materials and pay attention to maintenance. The moisture content of building materials is the key

during the decoration process, there will be medium-term supplementary materials. What if we meet the plum rain season at this time? At this time, we need to pay more attention to the moisture content of building materials, especially solid wood floors, wood panels, ceramic tiles, etc. the quality, moisture content and storage methods of these materials are very important

1. Control the moisture content of solid wood flooring

wood flooring is the first choice for owners to decorate the floor. For the choice of wood flooring in plum rain season, it is recommended to first pay attention to the moisture content of wood flooring, especially solid wood flooring. If the moisture content is high, it is easy to warp and deform when the moisture of the wood floor itself is lost after the pavement is completed. At the same time, brand products should be selected when buying solid wood flooring. The small-scale processing plant heats and bakes the wooden floor according to the traditional process, and its water absorption rebound is large, while the brand products are baked according to the modern molecular oscillation technology, so the probability of water absorption deformation is very small

2. Choose fresh materials for fine formwork

when choosing wood products such as Blockboard and plywood, you should first choose the one with good quality. In addition, it is best to choose the one with the latest production date “ Fresh ” Products, because most wood products are basically dried in the workshop. The plates with earlier production date will absorb a certain amount of water during the rainy season, which will make the materials moist and affect the decoration. On the contrary, when choosing wooden keels, it is best to choose those with relatively early production date and have not been stored in the open air. The moisture content of such keel will be lower than that of the just processed keel

3. Ceramic tiles also depend on the moisture content

there are many kinds of ceramic tiles, and attention should be paid to their moisture content when purchasing in the rainy season. The products with smooth and delicate surface, glittering and translucent luster and soft touch without gloss are those with good water content. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the difference between ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic bricks have small water absorption, fine structure, crisp and pleasant knocking sound, while ceramic bricks have high water absorption, many structural holes, and dull knocking sound. Porcelain tiles with low water absorption are not easy to crack under the change of temperature difference between day and night in the rainy season

part2: dealing with construction details is not afraid of decoration in the plum rain season

the most interesting thing is how to do a good job of decoration in the plum rain season, such as paving the floor, painting, laying wallpaper, etc. these constructions are very important in the plum rain season. If the construction details are not handled properly, there will be various problems in later use, affecting daily life and residence

1. Leave expansion joints on the floor

it is best to do waterproof and moisture-proof treatment first when laying wooden floors. Before construction, keep the ground dry and lay a damp proof course. The normal procedure is: use moisture-proof wood or camphor wood for priming. Then, when installing the floor, the installation workers must be asked to leave enough expansion joints of about 8mm-12mm. The gap between the boards should be implemented according to the manufacturer's installation requirements, so that the floor will not be warped, nor will it be black and moldy due to moisture when summer comes. Finally, the room with paved floor should pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, so that the moisture of paint, cement and floor can slowly dissipate, and we must not forget to protect the finished products

2. Do not paint in rainy days

for wood products, do not paint or varnish in rainy days. Because the surface of wood products will condense a layer of water vapor in rainy days. At this time, if you brush paint, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy. If you must catch up with the construction period, you can add whitening powder to the paint. Whitening powder can absorb the moisture in the air and accelerate the drying speed, but it will also have a certain impact on the project quality

3. Speed up the removal of odor

latex paint is often encountered in decoration because it dries slowly and molds in hot weather. The general method is to turn on the air conditioner to remove moisture from the air; Keep the furniture cabinet door open and ventilated. After decoration, there will be problems that all kinds of odors can't spread out, affecting the health of family members. After decoration, more green plants should be placed, or three lemons or oranges should be placed in the room to achieve the effect of deodorization





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