450000 to build Qingjiang landscape Chinese style

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Ancient Chinese culture is also used in home design, which has an atmospheric and elegant feature. The antique charm can always give people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Let's enjoy how an owner of Qingjiang mountain and water used 45000 to build a 2-room Chinese classic, with pictures and truth

owner's decoration files: Decoration community: Qingjiang landscape (more Qingjiang landscape decoration renderings) decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) decoration cost: half a package of 30000-50000 decoration style: Chinese classical decoration house type: 2 rooms and 2 halls more decoration renderings

the decoration design of the restaurant is great, the chandelier with Chinese elements is very compatible with the whole home style, and a plum blossom painting on the wall also adds a lot of cultural flavor, The hollowed out screen gives the room a sense of hierarchy and increases the space

looking at the living room from a distance, the whole decoration effect is very smooth. The TV background wall with a very classical atmosphere plays a good role in setting off, making the atmosphere of the room more atmospheric





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