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With the deepening of China's supply side reform, the kitchen electricity industry has entered a new period of operation with structural adjustment and upgrading of products and consumption. In order to actively respond to the national strategic deployment of "made in China 2025", Cohen, a national high-tech enterprise and expert in the quality manufacturing of kitchen appliances, accelerated the process of intelligent quality manufacturing, made every effort to create and improve kitchen appliances, constantly improved the core competitiveness of the brand, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the kitchen appliances industry

enterprises need to have the courage to return from 1 to 0, but also need business wisdom from 0 to 1. This is a process from 1 to 0 and from 0 to 1, which is the only way for an enterprise to become stronger. The development of the kitchen electrical industry has entered a critical period from extensive manufacturing to innovative quality. Recently, Cohen Electric has released a number of new kitchen electrical products, especially water heater products, which have made a series of upgrading breakthroughs in appearance and performance, playing a positive demonstration and leading role, opening up a new mode of industrial development, opening up new space for industrial development, and improving the quality and upgrading of the whole industry

a number of new kitchen appliances recently launched by Cohen, the core technology is intelligent quality manufacturing, and the new jsq30-16kn60, an intelligent segmented ultra-thin constant temperature forced exhaust gas water heater, is equipped with the industry's first "zero cold water" technology, with its own steady flow device, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of sudden cold and hot water temperature caused by multi-point water use, secondary boiling water, and water pressure fluctuations, eliminate the phenomenon of cold water, and fully meet the user's requirements for water temperature comfort in different seasons; Cohen "Mo Deng" constant temperature electric heating kn17-60l gives you meticulous safety care like a mother; Intelligent reservation, lasting enjoyment, sufficient water for the whole family to wash; "IPx4" waterproof grade, seamless, fearless of moisture; The first integrated stove D105 equipped with 110L high-capacity lockers; Not only great attraction, but also experience. The "stir fried King II" 8660, the "LCD flat panel" 7250, and the "side suction frequency conversion" 9013, which have been upgraded luxuriously in terms of shape, function, experience, technology, cost performance, etc., directly hit the pain points of users and triggered a rush to buy

innovation has always been the core of enterprise development. Only continuous innovation can be based on the front end of the industry and lead the enterprise to go further. Cohen kitchen appliances always face the needs of consumers and lead the development of the whole kitchen appliance industry with technological innovation




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