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It's a pity that Decoration Technology Co., Ltd. has insufficient preparation skills. As an owner, when decorating, we should consider in the long run, what may be added in the future, and whether to keep the space! Deville wardrobe mall network share, decoration six regrets, remember, don't make it

living room decoration regret 1: there is no room for the size of the living room entrance door

when installing the second door of the living room entrance, only the thickness of the floor is considered, and the thickness of the floor mat is not considered. As a result, there was almost no surplus after the floor was paved. Originally, I wanted to put a beautiful floor mat at the entrance, but now it seems that it can't be achieved at all

living room decoration regret 2: there are few sockets on the background wall of the living room.

when decorating the TV background wall, forget to reserve the power socket for the wall mounted TV. I can't help it. Now the LCD TV can only be placed on the TV cabinet, which makes me feel very depressed. If you hang it up, you have to go through the open line. It's very ugly

living room decoration regret 3: ceiling installation did not consider chandeliers

when installing the ceiling in the living room, there was no good communication with the workers. As a result, there was a problem when installing the lamp, and the crystal chandelier you bought could not be installed. The worker said that he didn't know how to install the crystal lamp at the beginning, so the keel in the ceiling is very simple, and it can't bear the weight of the crystal chandelier at all. Xiaobian suggested that if you want to install lamps in the ceiling, you must participate in the design of the structure behind the ceiling

living room decoration regret 4: living room floor tiles are too low-grade

in order to save money, many working-class people are not willing to spend money on high-grade floor tiles. In fact, it was a big mistake. First of all, floor tiles are easily worn parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. Over time, floor tiles will be stamped. Secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are not anti-skid and are easy to slip, causing accidental injury

regret 5 of living room decoration: moving block blankets to split the overall space

block blankets in non fixed areas are a big mistake for people, because they divert their eyes, thus splitting the sense of unity of space, and people walking on them are easy to fall down

regret 6 in the decoration of the living room: too many pillows occupy the space of the sofa

if the pillows hinder you from sitting comfortably on the sofa or lying in bed, it appears too much. Pillows can be embellished with soft clothing, but not too much. A few pillows can perform well

there is no regret about the decoration of the living room. Go to the Deauville wardrobe mall network to check in to the channel, make an online appointment for decoration, and enjoy the one-stop decoration service of Deauville

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