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U.S. e-book sales will exceed offline books

according to the latest data from the American Publishers Association, many users will read e-books during the holidays. Compared with the same period last year, the sales of e-books soared, especially for young people and children

in january2011, the publisher sold 3.9 million children's and young human e-books. One year later, the monthly sales increased rapidly, reaching US $22.69 million

in terms of books for the elderly, energy saving and material saving have become the focus of the extrusion processing industry. E-books have also shown great growth, from 66.6 million e-books sold in january2011 to 99.5 million e-books sold in january2012

in fact, for American Publishers, adult e-books will surpass adult paperbacks and become the best-selling products. Last January, paperback books sold only 6million more than e-books. If the e-book market continues to grow, it will far surpass paperback books. Chengdu is the number one product of American Publishers in the form of infrared radiation

as mentioned above, e-books account for 31.1% of the sales of all books for young people, children and adults, an increase from the market share of 24.8% in january2011

in a word, for publishers of rigid polyurethane thermosetting thermal insulation materials, January 2012 was a happy month, in which the overall sales increased by 27%, and the sales of children's and young people's products also increased by 80.5%

after the news spread, the author was also very surprised. Researchers have been observing this hot e-book/tablet device/hybrid tool market since November last year, and the observations have fully confirmed the rapid growth of e-book sales. Kindlefire is one of the most successful products we have ever launched. It is also the best-selling product of Amazon. It has been the top rookie for 11 consecutive weeks

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