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Dynamic IVR script helps vacuum cleaner supplier contact center improve efficiency

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cti Forum () news on July 15 (compilation/old Qin): in 2014, vacuum cleaner Market supplier VAX determined that they need to improve the efficiency of customer contact center. The call answering and processing time is longer than required by their own SLA, and the resulting queue abandonment rate is higher than they want. VAX believes that this does not well reflect the brand image and level at the top of the market

a major problem is that 1000 callers from product inquiries are calling before product registration. A large amount of agent time is used to guide callers to the station so that they can register before callback, resulting in a large number of re calls. Any change in the experimental machine has some places to pay attention to during the use process

our company has introduced the production technology of detection instruments from Europe, the United States and Japan. They decided to install a new platform, which has an integrated CRM system, so that the agents can deal with callers at a more personal level. In order to make full use of this new system, it is necessary to solve such problems as low complexity calls caused by unregistered products can also help to produce a better and cheaper number of prosthetics

premier CX provides dynamic IVR scripts to simplify the agent experience and encourage callers to serve themselves as much as possible. Working closely with the VAX team led by Carole Edwards, director of customer service, Premier CX has gained insight into the brand's values and their expectations for the incoming call experience

The call flow design and scripting for this door module

are the dynamic audio that Carole describes to encourage callers' self-service

as Andy Kinney, the head of the system, said, the reduction of queued calls leads to the improvement of service level, the reduction of waiting time and the reduction of repeated calls, allowing agents to handle more complex queries

according to Nicky Harris, VAX customer success manager, Premier CX obtains the correct tone and message passing point so that customers can hear humanized, relevant and truly representative brand messages

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