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E-books and paper books will be interdependent and develop together. Editor's note as the highlight of the Beijing International Book Fair, the Beijing International Publishing Forum has been successfully held for 10 times, becoming an important platform for China to introduce the development and policy trend of China's publishing industry to the outside world, and for Chinese and foreign publishers to carry out in-depth dialogue, cooperation and exchange, and learn from each other. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the 2013 Beijing International Publishing Forum once again led the industry and focused on hot topics. The theme of this year's forum is the publishing industry in the all media era: integration, opportunities and prospects. This newspaper specially publishes the speech of yanjunqi, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive movement at this forum, the keynote speech of wushulin, deputy director of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, and liwufeng, deputy director of the Office of the State Council, as well as the wonderful arguments made by eight other industry experts

triumph, senior vice president of penguin Random House Publishing Group

in the future, we will still attach great importance to the publication of paper books. At the same time, we believe that e-books and paper books will be interdependent and develop together

there are many opportunities for the growth of digital publishing in the world. Digital publishing means more choices for global readers; For publishers, we can reach our readers in 30 seconds. This is a very valuable point. We will continue to experiment, understand and learn about digital publishing, and strive to maintain a leading position in this category

liujianyao, chairman and President of China Science and Technology Publishing and media group

when talking about the publication of data introduction words in the past few years, my mood was mainly anxious and uneasy. Of course, I was also a little excited. Today, in the all media era, my mood has doubled in anxiety, but there has been little change in excitement. For the traditional publishing industry, we are faced with competitors such as Internet companies and information companies. Our restlessness may be reasonable. Within our enterprise, the digitalization of production process is still not completed, and the application level of digital new media is still relatively low. I believe this is an important reason why I and my colleagues feel anxious and uneasy

Dirk hank, CEO of Springer group

if you want your research results to be available to everyone, as long as you pay us, you can put your content in the database for everyone to access for free. Now about 10% of science and technology books are provided in this way. In this field, we have a 30% market share, while in the traditional publishing mode, we only have a 10% market share. So we need to see what new possibilities new technologies and new business models can bring

it is impossible for people all over the world to get a printed version, but if it is electronic content, we can make it available to everyone

Changjiang niuhao, director of Conde Nash International Group

in the past many years, some of our brands have developed in line with the pace of modernization and expanded to different regions. We operate more than 90 magazines in 19 countries, including China, Russia, India and some major European countries. We have 21 different versions of VO all types of experimental machines have gue in the world. We publish pictures and articles for trendy women, as well as other information about women's sexuality and interest, Safe and reliable materials produced by extrusion or injection molding include (profile, plate beauty, art, film, etc. we have grasped the information of fashion and have a great influence on this industry.

Wang Yafei, chairman of times publishing media Co., Ltd.

service may be the core content of the information industry. In the next step, we will further provide information services in Education, finance, logistics and commerce according to their characteristics as a breakthrough point in the transformation of the publishing industry As the basis of all media convergence. From the promotion of urbanization in our country to the gradual development of smart cities, we will speak with data and information, which will promote the publishing industry to find a new breakthrough and development point under the premise of data and information integration, so that the whole media can truly benefit, interact and realize social benefits and values

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