The hottest dynamic servo motor covers a wide rang

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High dynamic servo motors cover a wide range of performance

beckhoff demonstrated its am8000 series high-power and low-power servo motors at the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo. The single cable servo motor has the characteristics of high dynamics, high energy efficiency and low cost, and the power range is from 0.5 to 65 nm

am8021 with a dead torque of 0.5 nm further improves the am8000 series synchronous servo motor. The special feature of this motor is that it can also be driven by 565 V DC bus voltage. This makes it possible, for example, to implement the actuator without using an additional power module in the machine, because it can be driven by other drivers at one voltage level

am807x series improves the power range of the motor to the greatest extent. The servo motor has three different power sizes: am8071, am8072 and am8073. The stall torque is 25 nm, 47 nm and 65 nm respectively. The high-power motor is specially used for high-power drive, so it is suitable for, such as metal processing industry. The am807x model can be equipped with different encoder systems, backlash free brakes or shaft seals

am8000 series has a small panel control system, which allows the equipment to operate efficiently. It includes six motors of different sizes, and each motor has three total lengths. The user is able to select a suitable motor in the range of 0.5 to 65 nm

the maximum locking torque of the sanitary design servo motor is 16.7 nm

the stainless steel servo motor is also supplemented by the new size am886x series, which has three total lengths: the locking force of am8861 is much smaller than that of the traditional high-pressure injection process, and the locking torques of am8862 and am8863 are 7.75 NM, 12 nm and 16.7 nm respectively. Beckhoff therefore offers servo motors in various power ranges from 1 nm to 16.7 nm for extremely harsh or corrosive environments

the single cable solution significantly reduces the material and commissioning costs

one of the highlights of the am8000 series is OCT (single cable technology). In this single cable solution, the power and feedback systems are integrated into a single standard cable. The information is reliably transmitted through a digital interface without interference. Since a set of cables and plugs are omitted at both ends of the motor and controller, the component and commissioning costs are significantly reduced



am8000 series synchronous servo motor passes through am8021 with a dead torque of 0.5 nm and am807x with three total lengths and a dead torque range of

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