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E-books and paper books may be separated in the future.

with the development of IT technology, the digitalization of publishing media has been put on the agenda. Under the exaggeration of the media, the voice of e-books replacing paper books is growing. In this context, operators, publishing houses, Xinhua bookstores and it manufacturers all jumped to try in September to get a piece of cake. However, I personally feel that e-books are unlikely to replace paper books for a long time. Although e-books have a strong momentum, paper books will still dominate the market in the next few years

advantages of use and reading conditions:

although e-books are easy to carry and read at any time, they have rich publishing forms, convenient and fast information updating, can be read from multiple angles, and have strong timeliness. But these are all based on certain conditions. First of all, e-book reading must have a reading terminal, that is, a reader. Second, the most basic thing is to have electricity. Without electricity, it is useless. There is only one waste. At present, there are many kinds of readers, and the weak parts of CAE computing and analysis capability that can be used are also different, making the use of e-books more demanding. The paper book can be read as long as the light is appropriate. Although it is not very convenient to carry, it is less limited in use. You can open a book and read it. Moreover, paper books are stored at a cost, while e-books are stored in one storage device. Although e-books save space, they sacrifice the use space, because multiple paper books can be read by several people, but e-books can only be used by one person. At the same time, it is troublesome or impossible to make notes on e-books or write some feelings and notes, while paper books can add their own views and notes at will. Therefore, various textbook materials in education and teaching are a leading experimental force that e-books are difficult to shake. Accuracy: ± 1% field. This is the advantage of paper books over e-books in use and reading

storage stability and collection timeliness:

different storage media lead to different storage and collection of paper books and e-books. In contrast, a paper book is a paper printed matter, and its storage medium is paper, books, etc. The storage medium of e-books is electronic products. As we all know, electronic products are required for the reading and storage of e-books, and electronic products are precision instruments. There are many uncertainties in their use, such as MP3 or USB flash disk. You do not know when problems will occur. In addition, when charging, using or downloading, sometimes the voltage is unstable, which may cause damage to e-book reading and storage devices or e-book files, Moreover, viruses and misoperations in e-books may also delete and damage e-book files. These problems lead to the instability of their storage and reading. However, paper books do not have these problems. Relatively speaking, the storage and use of paper books are more stable and convenient

people have a preference for collecting classic books, which can be easily reviewed at any time. In this respect, paper books have incomparable advantages over e-books. E-books are stored and read through e-book readers. However, electronic components have a service life. After a certain number of times of use, there will be the possibility of unstable performance or direct scrapping. However, if electronic devices are not used for a long time, they will not be able to be used due to rust or other reasons. Moreover, the electronic equipment is being upgraded faster and faster. Maybe in oneortwo years, the same type of interface will not be found and information cannot be extracted. It can be seen that although e-books have timeliness and convenient updating, they lack the ability of long-term storage. Paper books have great advantages in this respect. In China, many books have been stored for hundreds of years and can still be used. And because it is convenient to use, there is no need to worry about the problem that science and technology can not read in the future

advantages of reading comfort, price, etc.:

science and technology are developing, but the side effects with the development of science and technology are also reflected. Electronic and electrical equipment have more or less radiation, ranging from nuclear power plants to electronic watches. E-books are no exception, After reading e-books for a long time, we often feel very tired and use a layer of grease on our faces (not necessarily obvious). This is because E-books have certain radiation. And when reading paper books, you will also feel tired. That is because your eyes keep a distance for a long time. Although e-books are easy to carry, many people prefer to read paper books rather than e-books comfortably on the sofa. This is the advantage of paper books in reading comfort. Moreover, e-books now have some disadvantages, such as high price, only supporting black-and-white display, poor compression resistance, slow refresh speed, and most reader devices and e-bookstores are using their own proprietary formats. Users spend time looking for resources, but also increase the cost

of course, e-books also have their unique advantages, such as easy to carry, easy to read and cheap. They are also becoming more and more popular. E-books will not replace paper books in a short time. E-books and paper are just two carriers of books. Different consumers have different choices. Even in the future, there may be a separation of the two

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