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Wenzhou Tianlong enterprise successfully developed milk sterile pillow materials and equipment

Wenzhou Tianlong plastic enterprise group recently developed a paper aluminum plastic six layer coextrusion series casting compound machine to produce milk sterile pillows, and the product quality has reached the international level of similar products

Tianlong aseptic pillow packaging material has been successfully developed. The latest paper aluminum plastic composite technology of Tianlong has solved the problem that Tetra Pak pillow materials must be sealed when filling, and the price of filling equipment is high (all imported equipment is used, which cannot be solved by the high-level scientific and technological innovation platform of domestic equipment and technology for scientific and technological research). Tianlong sterile pillow does not need to be sealed. It is not difficult to see that the Yellow inspection host is similar at home and abroad, which may cause water in the machine and damage the machine; There are many key seals, and the multi-layer coextrusion composite technology is adopted, which solves the problem of direct contact between paper and liquid, resulting in liquid leakage and shortening the shelf life. Using the technology of directly welding the middle seam between plastic and plastic, the sterile pillow is directly filled with domestic bag and pillow filling machine, which is used for milk packaging and ultra-high temperature sterilization (UHT), with a shelf life of 45 days. The successful development of Tianlong sterile pillow has reduced the cost of milk packaging

the successful development of this production line will create better market development opportunities for China's large, medium and small milk beverage enterprises. Tianlong company is ready to export a complete set of equipment to domestic and foreign enterprises

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