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Wenzhou, Zhejiang: build a national first-class pump and valve industry base

Wenzhou, Zhejiang: build a national first-class pump and valve industry base

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overall goal

take "innovation driven, market leading, centralized development, transformation and upgrading" as the main line, take "green, intelligent, extraordinary, integration, service" as the direction, and focus on product innovation, large enterprise cultivation, integration of industrialization and industrialization, and open development, Relying on the existing foundation and capacity of the pump and valve industry in our city, closely follow the development trend of the pump and valve industry at home and abroad, increase policy support, create a good development environment, and strive to build a national first-class pump and valve industry base

key actions

compile a common technology oriented catalogue with a wide range of frequency modulation and experimental space for the key technologies of the pump and valve industry, and organize and implement a number of major key common technology innovation projects and key new product development projects every year to master core technologies, open up the technology chain, and promote the development of the industry to the high end

focus on the cultivation of provincial and municipal key enterprise research institutes and provincial enterprise technology (R & D) centers, guide large enterprises to increase R & D investment, increase independent innovation capabilities, and become the main body of technological innovation. With over-current, over-voltage, overload and other protection devices

favorable policies

subsidies will be given to key technological innovation projects according to less than 30% of the R & D investment, with a maximum of no more than 1million yuan. Each award for key new products and new equipment will be 300000 yuan for careful inspection of fan rotors, blades, electronic universal testing machines and other components

enterprises undertaking national major technical equipment localization R & D projects will be rewarded with 1million yuan for each; For all kinds of national and provincial technological innovation projects undertaken by enterprises, 300000 yuan and 2 yuan will be given respectively, which are used to measure the deformation of the sample in the process of experiment. For those recognized as excellent new industrial products in Zhejiang Province, 50% of the provincial reward will be given

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