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The new starting point of Lovol construction machinery set sail by Yang Fan on the West Coast

the new starting point of Lovol construction machinery set sail by Yang Fan on the West Coast

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2016 BMW China, we should also consider the cost of subsequent machine protection and performance improvement, which is undoubtedly a comprehensive display of Lovol construction machinery standing at a new starting point and a new height. As one of the most growing brands in the industry, Lovol construction machinery's new technology level products, new visual brand image, intelligent and novel exhibition area experience activities, led the industry's first street dance show of China's loaders. The display with a sense of science and technology and a sense of power attracted many users from all over the country to the exhibition

a year ago, Lovol construction machinery group moved its loader base in Weifang to Qingdao West Coast new area, while Qingdao was previously only the excavator R & D and manufacturing base of Lovol construction machinery group, which means that Lovol construction machinery group completely takes Qingdao West Coast New Area as its business center of construction machinery. In recent years, Qingdao's economy has developed rapidly, and the West Coast new area where Lovol is located is one of the most economically dynamic areas in Qingdao. This is a new starting point for Lovol construction machinery group to continue to adhere to the principle of being realistic and pragmatic, integrate global resources based on Qingdao, and never forget its original intention to build the future legend of the construction machinery industry

after a year of focus and innovation, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has started its collectivization strategy step by step. At present, it has formed a collectivization business and organization system of three capacity centers, "product creation + commodity manufacturing + service support", and three business operation centers, "domestic marketing company + key customer her early divorce company + overseas marketing company". LOVOL Construction Machinery Group focuses on the development of excavators and earth moving machinery businesses whose main products are high-end aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy and alloy steel forging loaders. It adheres to customer demand-oriented, takes advantage of global technological advantages, continues to invest in Lovol's Japanese R & D center, continues to innovate, and continues to improve the product quality of "customer satisfaction"

under the background of Lovol heavy industry's scientific and technological innovation drive and the acceleration of globalization strategy, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has also made clear its plan for the future "globalization" development. The globalization strategy urges Lovol construction machinery to examine products and customers with a global perspective and establish a new global operation standard

for example, in the process of product innovation, based on Lovol's increasingly perfect global R & D and innovation system, Lovol construction machinery group took the lead in implementing the practice of positive R & D system among national brands. By drawing on the technical experience of more than 40 years of old Japanese experts, and with the joint cooperation of R & D personnel from China and Japan, Lovol has devoted itself to building three CL-5 laboratories, Two of the laboratories for the experimental design of 46t and 37T excavators are established in Osaka, Japan, while the CL-5 Laboratory of Qingdao Lovol construction machinery group is specially designed for the experimental design of 22T excavators

the collision of design concepts between domestic and foreign R & D teams has brought technological innovation and breakthroughs to Lovol construction machinery, making users' demands perfectly reflected in product technical specifications. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition, Lovol construction machinery group brought six excavators, fr18e-u (micro excavation), fr60e, fr170e, fr220e, fr370e and fr480e, the new products of national III, to the exhibition. Before the mass production of Lovol excavators, they had to undergo full structural fatigue tests, 1000 hour accelerated reliability tests of the whole machine, and 2000 hour industrial tests under heavy working conditions, This is the main mission of Lovol construction machinery group to fully simulate various working conditions in the field. The loader carries two kingpin models, including fl956h loader suitable for high-efficiency operation under heavy working conditions. The digging force is increased by 20% and the lifting force is increased by 12%; Fl966h loader is more suitable for heavy-duty and efficient operation, and the energy-saving effect of composite working conditions is up to 10%. Lovol construction machinery products have the characteristics of intelligence, reliability, efficiency, safety and comfort, because they were given such a mission at the beginning of research and development, and carry the mission throughout the whole life cycle

for globalization, Lovol has explored its own path: a product oriented globalization strategy, the establishment of China as the global business management center and domestic business operation center, the establishment of regional operation centers in major global product strategic markets, and the establishment of regional distribution centers in major global distribution strategic markets

being an enterprise is a long-term battle. At first, it is about inspiration, courage and luck, and then it is about perseverance, pragmatism and rationality. LOVOL Construction Machinery Group continues to learn and reflect in its development. Be rigorous and realistic about product quality, pursue the ultimate user experience, and refresh the height of the industry with an unconventional professional attitude , Lovol construction machinery group is taking advantage of the West Coast parts not to be damaged; Our ship is walking at the new starting point of Lovol engineering machinery and pursuing the new height of Lovol brand

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