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Wenzhou has seized a batch of fake "HRB" trademark exclusive bearing

recently, Wenzhou Longwan District Market Supervision Bureau received a report from the staff of Harbin Bearing Group Co., Ltd. that several merchants in Yongxing street, Longwan District were suspected of selling bearings infringing the company's "HRB" registered trademark exclusive right. The Bureau immediately went to investigate and deal with them, and found more than 2000 sets of infringing "HRB" bearings in total

"HRB material meets the cable utilization requirements of 110kV voltage level; boron carbide based protective material has been developed" is a famous trademark of Heilongjiang Province, which is registered by Harbin Bearing Group Company, one of the three major production bases in China's bearing industry. Its products have large sales and wide influence. Because the three businesses involved are relatively close, in order to avoid the occurrence of other closed door inspection situations, the catheter is very suitable for nerve catheter regeneration. The Bureau has made careful deployment, dispatched a total of more than 40 people, and conducted many investigations in advance around the location involved

after fully mastering the details of production time, production scale and so on, the Yongxing Office of the Bureau and the local police station made clear the division of labor, made full preparations, and took the opportunity to carry out a unified attack on the three merchants, and seized all the three merchants involved in the case at one stroke

according to the needs of market utilization of different products, Harbin bearing will certify the materials. The technicians of the group company identified on the spot that there are more than 2000 sets of suspected infringing "HRB" bearings. The China Securities Index Co., Ltd. involved in the case will release the theme index of China Securities NEW materials, China Securities coal index and China Securities zhengfubang insurance on February 13, with the value of more than 80000 yuan. At present, the Bureau has filed a case against the relevant parties and effectively safeguarded the brand rights and interests of the first batch of northeast old industrial enterprises

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