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Wenzhou launched the application and promotion of distributed photovoltaic power generation this year.

every summer is the peak of power consumption, and enterprises and factories are very worried about switching off and limiting power. According to the Wenzhou development and Reform Commission, the promotion of photovoltaic power generation will effectively alleviate the power shortage in the city

compared with large-scale photovoltaic power stations, this kind of power generation mode installed on the roof of homes and factories, with spontaneous n < 0.01 for self use, and the excess electricity is uploaded to electricity is called distributed generation. Wenzhou is making every effort to build a low-carbon city, and launched the application and promotion of distributed photovoltaic power generation this year

at the same time, Wenzhou is also striving for the national distributed photovoltaic power generation large-scale application demonstration zone. Once approved, the demonstration project will receive power generation fund subsidies

recently, Wenzhou issued several opinions on supporting distributed photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power generation once again became the focus of discussion at the coordination meeting of the "30000 action" problem of Wenzhou development and Reform Commission held this afternoon

according to the opinion, there are four construction modes of photovoltaic power generation, including self construction by enterprises (residents), which is a way to encourage enterprises to do so at present

Zhejiang Great Wall reducer Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise that takes the initiative to build its own. Many of their production lines are called 1 manual factory. He hopes to get corresponding policy subsidies in the construction process

Zhejiang efisheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to solar photovoltaic power generation. He suggested that state-owned enterprises should take the lead and promote the whole area through one point

the person in charge of the relevant department replied that at present, the specific implementation rules on support at the national level and in the province have not been issued, and the corresponding subsidy standards have not been finalized. The next step will be to form a specific implementation plan and report to the higher authorities. At the same time, the recently issued opinions pointed out that the existing relevant special funds will be integrated and the municipal level special funds for distributed photovoltaic power generation applications will be established, but mainly used for assessment rewards and power generation subsidies

in addition, if Wenzhou enterprises apply for various national photovoltaic power generation application support projects by adding gaskets between oil collectors and pumps, relevant departments will implement the whole process agency system for the applied projects

although the project is receiving increasing national attention, some enterprises have expressed concern

Liangjing group is responsible for the problem of financing difficulties in construction. He said that it would be difficult for funds to roll if they only rely on their own financing. With the help of bank financing, it often cannot be approved for twoorthree months. At present, the investment income of photovoltaic power generation with paddles is relatively stable and green. I hope the government can issue relevant policies to support it

due to the large amount of investment and long return cycle, photovoltaic power generation projects have suffered negative impacts for a period of time. Enterprises also suggested that such erroneous views should be eliminated from the government level, so that they can really get attention and attention. They have expressed that they are very optimistic about this prospect. Zhonghua glass () Department

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