The hottest west east gas pipeline has a Chinese h

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The west east gas transmission pipeline has a "Chinese heart"

it is learned from China shipbuilding industry group that the 30 MW gas turbine driven compressor unit developed by the 703 Institute of the group company in conjunction with relevant units completed a 220 hour operation test at the Yandun compressor station of the west east gas transmission line 3 on the same day, and will be officially put into operation. This will end the long history of China's dependence on imports of fuel driven compressor units for long-distance natural gas transmission pipelines

generally, a compressor station composed of multiple compressor units is set up every 100 to 200 kilometers in the long-distance natural gas pipeline. Like the "heart", it ensures the long-distance transmission of natural gas through continuous pressure. Gas driven compressor unit is one of the core equipment of compressor station. It is a complex rotating machinery involving multi disciplines, multi fields and multi systems. It is extremely difficult to design and manufacture. It is the most high-end product in the field of energy and power equipment. In the past, China did not have mature high-power industrial gas turbine products. The gas driven compressor unit of long-distance natural gas transmission pipeline was monopolized by Britain and the United States and other countries. The price was high, and the technical services and maintenance costs such as silk design and repeated processing were expensive

as the research and development and supply unit of the main power of large and medium-sized naval ships in China, CSIC 703 has the only large-scale research and development center and large-scale power test station for gas power, steam power and rear transmission devices in China, providing power for large surface ships such as aircraft carriers in China. In recent years, relying on its strong technical reserves and innovative advantages, the Institute has transformed military technology into civil use, and preliminarily established a small and medium-sized power industry group with gas turbines, energy conservation and new energy, and power transmission as the core. Among them, the 30 MW gas turbine driven compressor unit has become a model of "military to civilian" product innovation

this product is mainly composed of gas turbine device, centrifugal compressor unit, unit monitoring system and electrical system. Its successful development focuses on breaking through the technologies of gas turbine high-speed power turbine, low emission combustion chamber, control system, on-board fuel, device integrated design, etc., reaching the international advanced level, and solving the urgent need for the localization of major equipment in China's energy field

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